Today while talking with my business coach, Judith Manriquez, I voiced my hesitation about starting my next project. Despite the fact, it’s something I want to do!

I’ve been feeling the responsibility of such an undertaking and the discipline it will take to see it through, and I’ve feared the unknown.

Am I up for the task? What if it’s too difficult? I’ll have to stay focused and disciplined! I’ll have to give so much!! I’ll be treading in new waters!

Ever want to do something soooo much…yet find yourself hesitating…waiting.

Maybe you’re waiting because the thought of that first step feels overwhelming, or scary, or impossible, or maybe you’re waiting for…Someday….hoping that Someday will eventually come around.

The waiting game…It’s a life-sucker, and it yanks at our heart strings with painful awareness.

So what do we do? Make deeper waiting ruts or break free?

My coach, Judith, wisely assisted me with breaking free of my fears by taking the sting out of responsibility. She shared that it’s not about being responsible, it’s about being devoted.

Wow! I like the sound of that!! Devote (be loyal) to my heart’s yearning.

Put in a new context my limited perception changed, and I experienced my desire for creative freedom override my fears (excuses for waiting).

And I felt it. I felt the Freedom of where my devotion (my loyalty) would take me.

I felt my heart burst wide open…ah…no more waiting. I get to unlock my creative ecstasy and do what my heart is yearning to do!


When we discipline ourselves to our devotion we allow our creative juices to flow and experience the FREEDOM of who we really are.

If your heart strings are being yanked, disciplined devotion may be all you need to get you through the waiting game to your Creative FREEDOM.

Over to you:

I would love to hear from you.

Are you playing the waiting game?

How can perceiving your forward movement as an act of devotion help  your creative juices flow and experience the freedom of who you are?

Please comment in the comment section.

Thanks so much for your time.

I truly appreciate YOU!

In loving gratitude,


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