With the theme of gratitude still fresh in my heart and mind…

Here’s a prayer from my prayer book – My Heart to God’s Heart – Life Changing Prayers, Magnificent Body.

What better place to spread our gratitude than our bodies (our vehicles that sustain our life).

Note: Some words I’ve chosen for the Creator are – God, Lord, Blessed One – Please use word (s) that resonate with your beliefs.

Magnificent Body 

Holy God, I sit and contemplate how I could ever for the perfect body You created, a body that miraculously functions even under enormous stress or abuse.

Blessed One, I bow to Thee in humbleness and meekly ask that You, Lord, open my eyes wide to the beauty of my body, Your Body, which you so graciously allow me to inhabit.

I know that I belong to You for I AM created by You.Therefore, I will honor You by honoring Your Creation, the creation of the human body.

I will make it a practice to send loving appreciation and acceptance to all my body parts; thanking my eyes for seeing, my ears for hearing, my tongue for tasting, my hands for handling, my arms for carrying, my legs for moving, and my feet for walking.

And I will send loving energy with great big thanks to my internal organs for working in perfect unity.

God, I understand that to honor the body is more than sending appreciation and acceptance to it.

To truly honor the body I must listen to the All-Knowing Wisdom of Your Perfect Creation and respect its needs. If it is tired, rest. If it is hungry, eat. If it is in need of movement, exercise.

Whatever the need may be I AM to honor it in the most healthful way. I would not pour sugar down my car engine. Then why would I pour it down my body?

Dear God, please be patient with me as I learn the importance of honoring your most Perfect Creation, the human body.

When I slip pick me up and say, “Try again.” And I will Lord.

As I begin my practice of honoring my body I thank You, God, for gifting me with a vehicle (a most perfect body) that allows me to live life on earth.

I give my oath, “I AM appreciating, accepting, and listening to my magnificent body.”


(The affirmation (oath) at the end is a direct and simple way to incorporate the prayer into your daily life.)

May the affirmation fill your mind and heart…reflecting back to you the Beautiful Creation YOU are,


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