Here’s what one of my long-term clients had to say about working with me.

“It’s hard to put in words how grateful I am for Gloria’s help guiding me through the various challenges of my life over the years.  Like all of us, I have been through stressors and uncertainties ranging from career to family and finances.  Not only has she helped me gain perspective and calm throughout, but she has given invaluable insight as to the players in the drama, and also to why I may have called this into my life and how I can be a part of designing experiences that can be more to my liking in the future, and more fulfilling long term.

In addition to advisory sessions in which we discuss particular issues, Gloria has provided me the most precious gift of introduction to my Divine Connection. She has explained to me how this relationship is based in pure unconditional love and support, and has helped me gain access to the help that can be offered through this relationship to find peace and create the kind of life I use to only dream about.

I truly feel that it is much to this comfort that I was ultimately successful in my conceiving my wonderful twin girls who are now just over 2 years old!

I will be forever grateful to these wonderful little beings coming into my life, and by extension, I hold an eternal gratitude to Gloria, and to my Divine Connection for helping me to achieve this happy outcome.

Through this coaching, and the insight I’ve gained, I have a better-rounded and deeper spiritual awareness, and make it a life’s focus to respond to all life’s experiences with these new eyes.” A long-term client

I know we all have a tendency to like things to stay the same. After all, the same is familiar. However if you are feeling a nudge, or maybe a strong pull, to live MORE, yet you fear the unknown, I am here to help you (every step of the way) live MORE without having to go through those unknowns alone.

I have an opening for a long-term client. If you feel it is you, please email or call me and will have a chat. or 808-967-7345

Thanks for your time. I truly appreciate YOU!

Always with love and gratitude,