Wow, can you believe it! Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Christmas is only 6 weeks away.

The season – a time for celebration…

The holiday plan – enjoy the Spirit of the season.

We all have good intentions but our reality doesn’t usually match our plan. We often find ourselves dragging through the holidays.

My hope for you and for me… is that we not only enjoy the spirit of the season, but that we bask in the sacredness of this special time of year.

To help us fully embrace this beautiful season without sacrificing our well-being I’ve created some holiday well-being tips.

Holiday Well-Being Tips:

  • Reduce your stress by taking deep breaths throughout your day.
  • Take mini Self –Connecting breaks while doing everyday activities…e.g. affirmations while showering, listening to soulful music while cooking, saying appreciations while driving, etc.
  • Write out a list of to-dos (add any thought that is nagging at you)  before going to sleep, then as your falling asleep repeat quietly to yourself the word Peace  and envision a peaceful scene.
  • Delegate! (Remember you’re empowering others)
  • Let go of the perfect holiday expectation and instead focus on your heart-felt intentions. (See next tip)
  • Listen to my FREE Soulful Holiday recording to bring the sacredness into the season.

Over to you:

What tips will you use for your well-being?

I would love to hear from you.

Please comment in the comment section.

Thanks for your time.

Always in appreciation…may you experience the Spirit of the season,