It all started when I read Byron Katie’s book: A Thousand Names for Joy. (Amazing book) I became a keen observer of my thoughts, especially any thoughts that questioned reality. (Byron Katie says that true freedom is accepting reality as it is.)

I found my thoughts had a life of their own. They were either trying to rewrite the past or control the future: This shouldn’t have happened, this should have happened, if only she handled it differently, the project should move along these lines, I want this to play out like this.      

No denying it, thinking against reality leaves little room for harmoniously flowing with life…

Since I know, full well, that my thoughts shape my life and living in a harmonious flow is my preferred state of being, I began consciously choosing to direct my thoughts toward acceptance of reality.

No easy task!

It felt like one reality challenge after another: Our ducks were attacked and one killed, I came out of the post office with my hands filled with packages and walked through a downpour, I saw a picture of my Dad and he looked much older and thinner than when I last saw him in Jan.

And of course, there were reality moments that were not challenging: sighting the formation of the clouds in the crystal blue sky, assisting a client with her soul gift, talking with a dear friend.

Regardless of what reality is…it’s your thoughts about it (your interpretations of it) that shape your life. You can choose to accept what is, or you can create stories around what reality should or shouldn’t be.

The question is – Are your thoughts shaping a happy life?

How about you?  How do you shape your life with your thoughts?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.

I appreciate YOU!

Beautiful Blessings,


P.S. If you would like to learn more about Byron Katie’s work you can find her by searching – The Work, or Byron Katie.





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