Ever done anything that you thought (maybe still think) deplorable?

Ever yearn to take it all back?

Ever cry…If only!

I believe it’s Universal, at one time or another, we have all made what we felt was a colossal mistake.  (I know I have!)

Judging, tongue-lashing – doesn’t change anything!

There are no take-backs.

No amount of head-hanging or feet- dragging shame, which we may be heavily burdened with, can undo our mess – up.

Our fear of what others may think of the – error of our ways – is nothing compared to – living inside an enemy.

Yep, it’s true, we cannot undo what’s been done – we do not have a rewind button.  But we can, with a little tweaking of our perspective, live inside a friend.

 The Truth of Mistakes    

Some years ago while taking hypnosis training I heard a truth that would forevermore change the way I perceive mistakes, mine and others.

That truth is – All Behavior has a POSITIVE Intent.

At first my mind reeled – So everything everyone does has a positive intent? What about acts of horror? What about shysters?

And then I understood. It’s not about the behavior. The behavior may be helpful or harmful.

It’s about the intent behind the behavior.

Each person according to his/her belief system is trying to fulfill a need. It may be a need for power, love, safety, peace, joy, union, worthiness, or a host of other needs.

We are all trying to get our needs met based on what we believe.

Even if the need stems from a fear, we are still trying to do what we believe will help us take care of ourselves.

Our desire to fulfill our need is…the positive intent.

What if instead of thinking, I messed up big-time.

You asked: What need was I trying to fulfill? 

Or…What was my positive intent?

This tweaking of perspective can be a life-changer. (It was for me.)

Try looking at your mistake from this fulfilling-a-need-viewpoint. It takes the sting out of it…and then you truly can learn from your mistakes.

How about you?

Is there a mistake you’ve made, either recently or in the past that you have been judging yourself for?

What changes do you experience when you ask the question – What need was I trying to fulfill?

I would love to hear the difference the need-filling question makes for you. Please comment in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my post; I’m always appreciative of your time.

In appreciation, Gloria

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