Listening To Your True Heart

To listen to your true heart you need to be still and quiet yourself.

Begin with relaxing your body. To do this, breathe deeply while sitting comfortably or lying down. With each inhalation and exhalation allow your body to slow down and relax.

If you like, you may imagine you are on the island (where the story takes place) along with the soulful natives. You may choose to see yourself at the beach with gentle winds and the sound of the soothing ocean. You may want to enjoy the experience of being in a peaceful and harmonious environment with the most soulful loving people.

After your body is completely relaxed, begin to direct your breathing into your heart area by focusing your intention on your heart. See &/or feel yourself going deeply into your heart.

With your intention and your action (breathing) continue to move deeper and deeper into your heart.

Gift your heart with gratitude by giving thanks either with words, thoughts, love, or pictures of things you’re grateful for.

As you keep your attention in your heart, say quietly to yourself “I AM in the heart of my soul.”  (You may replace the word soul with another, e.g. God, Higher Self, Great Spirit, etc.)

Once you feel connected to your soul you may ask questions or simply relax. When asking a question, continue with your breathing and relaxing.

Trust what you hear and even if you do not hear, trust the answer will come, in expected or unexpected ways.

Know you can, in any moment, choose to live a soulful life.

I would love to hear from you.

What do you do to live a soulful life?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate YOU!

Living soulfully,


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