I’m on my walk/jog about halfway through when I suddenly become aware that I’m not HERE…I’m somewhere else. I’m future planning.

I haven’t even felt my feet on the pavement or the warmth of the radiant sun, or took in the beauty of the bright yellow wild ginger, or the red flowering blooms on tops of Ohia trees, or the large ferns abundant in the rain forest.

That is until…

I declare: Nothing is more important than this moment!

That’s when the MOMENT hits me with its LIFE.

My senses come alive and I Feel and See LIFE in that moment.


I look around with fresh eyes and ears, soaking up the colors, textures, and fragrances of Volcano’s rain forest spilling with beauty, nothing short of glorious; absorbing the moment my heart melts into tears.

With tears circling I begin my jog, feeling as if I just drank a gallon of sunshine, I greet each step with love and adoration.

I’m no longer taking a walk/jog; I’m one with the pavement, the forest, the wind, and sun.

I’m living in the MOMENT!

In the Moment Living is where LIFE happens.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in our day to day activities and miss out on living in the moment, the moment that’s ripe with life.

We’ve probably all experienced the loss of not living in the moment, at one time or another.

But we don’t have to miss out; with conscious attention we can choose to LIVE in more of our Moments.

We can choose LIFE!

Here are 3 Soulful steps to help us live in the moment where life happens:

  1. Make a decision that your present moment is as important as any upcoming moments. (It truly is about making the commitment.)
  2. Create an affirmative statement that you can use to remind yourself and if need be, switch back into present moment living. You may use mine if you like – Nothing is more important than this moment.
  3. Tell yourself that you are consciously choosing to pay attention (deep breathing helps) to each of your moments. (This is especially rewarding with relationships.)

Our life is filled with moments.

We can declare: Nothing is more important than this moment!”

I would love to hear from you:

How do you live in your moments?

Do you have any technique(s) you use to stay in the moment?

Thank you for taking your time to read my posts. I love sharing with you.

I appreciate YOU.

Living in the moment,


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