A hurricane disturbed our peaceful Big Island of Hawaii.

To say the hurricane was scary is an understatement.

When the blusterous high winds whirled around our home, pushing against our boarded windows (as if in a tirade of anger), and the torrent rain unceasingly beat against our roof, and the trees bent like rubber and strained to stay rooted – I hung onto my husband as if he were my life jacket.

It felt as if the sky cracked wide open and the tremendous strain it had carried was being unleashed, and there was nothing I could do about it!

I wanted out of the nightmare!

But this nightmare was way beyond my control.

As I lay in bed holding onto my husband, plum worn out, I finally quit fighting against my fear and began breathing into it. Deep belly breathes, one after the other, right into my panic.

The wind roared and I breathed.

Although I could not get out of the nightmare I could live through it, one deep breath at a time.

Hurricanes come to all of us, maybe not in the form of a tropical storm but as unforeseen events.

There will always be circumstances that are beyond our control.

The question is not – how can we control the situation? The question is – how can we take care of ourselves in the midst of the uncontrollable?

Our emotional fate is in our hands (or our breath).

We can choose, even when the world is howling around us, to focus on what is within our control. Our breath is within our control.

When we hold our breath, which is our tendency when in distress, we add more tension to our already stressful state.

When we choose to breathe deeply we are allowing our emotions (energy in motion) to flow like water through our bodies, thus relieving our stress.

We have the breath of life flowing through us; its how we choose to breathe our breath of life that determines our emotional fate.

We can control our inner even when we can’t control our outer.

Over to you…

Have you chosen deep breathing in times of distress?

I would love to hear about it.

Tons of gratitude to you for taking the time to read my posts…

I appreciate you!

Much love and aloha,


P.S. Hey friends, I will be a guest on Treyce Montoya’s radio show this coming Sunday at 6 PM central time and  1 PM Hawaii time. You can call in and ask a question and receive a soulful answer or just listen. I would love to have you join us. Here’s the link and call in number: http://goo.gl/XEX2aB   917-889-2687, if you want to ask a question press 1 after you make the call. 

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