I’ve committed to taking care of my body (as I previously mentioned I have  a body coach) and I’ve been feeling really good about owning my power in this way. Remember the magic wand?

One of the ways I’m taking care of my body is adding short intervals of jogging throughout my walking. Well today, while on my jog-walk I stop and take a deep breath and ask a question about a fear that has recently raised its ugly head.

“Why do I have fears about my health?”

I take another deep breath to stay in the stillness and listen soulfully to my Inner Guidance.

I hear: You are afraid the other shoe will drop. I ask, “What other shoe?”

The one you believe will drop when life is so good.

I begin walking…“I believe the other shoe will drop!”

Then – Yes, it’s a learned belief.

As I pick up my pace to jog, I sputter, “I’m lugging around THAT fearful belief!”

When I slow down to a walk, my all-knowing Inner Guidance responds: You are taking ownership of your body and you see that as more good in your life…so you begin drumming up ideas of what will go wrong…the other shoe dropping. Remember it’s just a belief and beliefs can change.

As I wrap my head around what’s behind my health fears, I feel a wallop of determination jolt me. Ready and raring to do whatever it takes to change my dis-empowering, shoe-dropping belief, I respond, “Okay I get it! My fear of my health going bad is about the belief that the other shoe will drop.”

I come to a full stop. “Now what do I do about it!?”

I hear – You are building muscle on your body with practice, do the same with your fearful beliefs.  Begin by addressing the fear directly.

The moment it enters into your thinking, say in an unconcerned manner, “Oh you’re just the other shoe-dropping belief I have.”

Then back up the truth by reprogramming your mind with health statements.

As I resume walking I say out loud (it’s just me and the rain-forest), “I love how my cells are always aligning for my wellness. My body is living its birthright of health. I so appreciate how perfectly my body functions.”

I’m on a roll. I exhale loudly and I declare, “I AM the perfect health of GOD!”

I breathe in the fresh mountain air and hear – REPROGRAMMING is your Practice!

I’m invigorated with power and as it surges through me I sprint forward with my perfectly working body.

Back to my walking pace and feeling lighter of heart I heap doses of gratitude to my Inner Guidance (God within).

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m overflowing with gratitude for the clarity to create the change. I AM the perfect health of GOD!”


How about you? Do you have a limiting belief you would like to change?

Remember…it’s just a belief and beliefs can change.

I would love to hear from you. Have you turned a dis-empowering belief around? If so, what difference did it make in your life? Or, are you still stuck in one? If so, what will you do to change it? Please comment in the comment section.

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Thanks so much for taking your time to read my posts. I appreciate YOU!

In full gear with my REPROGRAMMING,


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