I’m giddy with enthusiasm these days…why…because some of my heart-felt dreams have been coming true.

I now have a body coach, Nancy Goodman, the author of, It Was Food vs. Me and I Won, and my business is growing with new clients and new opportunities.

I’m delighted! I know I’m right where I should be.

Yet…fear creeps in and doubt raises its ugly head.

I grapple…can I really give my body a physical makeover and be as healthy, slim, and beautiful as I dream?

Will my business continue to expand, and if so, am I ready, capable, adequate enough to keep up with it?

But the lurking question behind the questions, the question that eats at my core: Am I WORTHY enough to have EVERYTHING?

If only…I could wag my finger at myself and sternly announce, “Now look here, don’t you go and doubt your worth!

If only…it was that simple.

If only…I could absorb the truth of my worthiness without a flinch.

Why do I, or we, question our worth? Why doubt our worthiness (our deservability) of having a great life, a life filled with EVERYTHING our heart can imagine.

Yeah, we can always lay blame with our parents, our culture, our government, our sister, our…take your pick. We can say it’s “Their” fault. They’ve blemished us!

But regardless of where the UNTRUTH started – we can choose right here and right now – to override the voice‘s’ and devote (yes devote), ourselves to gently, and soothingly, LOVE ourselves into believing our TRUTH!

In lullaby fashion…“I can calm down. It’s okay. I can have it ALL. I do deserve. I AM Worthy.”

With our powerful DEVOTION (even if we have to flinch our way through), the TRUTH will find lodgment in our hearts. And when it does, the “voices” will soften to a hush and in their place; the uncontaminated LOVE of our voice will sing out:

“I AM Worthy!”

“I DESERVE everything I desire!”

“I can have it ALL!”

How about you…Ever question your worthiness? If so, what have you done to move beyond your doubts? I would love to hear from you, please comment in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my posts. I appreciate YOU!

With powerful Devotion,