Lately I’ve had this gnawing sense that something isn’t quite right…doing what I always do when needing a compass, I meditate.

When in meditation I ask, “What is going on with me?”

I hear: Half-measures.

According to the Merriam-Webster Online dictionary half measure is defined: Partial, halfhearted, or weak line of action. The dictionary completes the definition with this statement: Victory is seldom won by half measures.

On the brink of thinking, how am I settling for half measures? I began seeing, much like a metal picture album, projects, activities, and habits that have been shelf-sitting for way too long.

completing my e-books

finishing a story

writing poetry

packaging my grieving journals and CD’s

going to the beach


drinking green juice

taking a yoga class

Whew!  So many desires lying dormant in my heart…

Absorbing this soulful wisdom – its downright truth undeniable – I exclaim.

“I’m not doing everything I want to be doing!”

Why am I not gung-ho?

In self-defense I justify – I’m busy!!

And I’m busy doing what I LOVE!  I don’t have time for EVERYTHING!

My truth rattles and I can’t deny that my excuses are chains and limitations of my own creation.

With dogged determination I demand: Okay you created those chains and limitations, NOW, un-create them!

With echoes of half-measures running through my mind, I commit to shatter all sense of limitation.

I take action.

I break my desires into doable steps.

Write, away from home, 1 day per week at the local coffee shop. My heart lightens as I feel the fun of doing this.

Designate a small notebook for writing poetry and when an idea pops jot it down immediately, before it disappears.

Buy bottled green juice so I can easily drink it, will do next grocery trip.

Email publisher regarding my grieving info, will do when I complete this post.

Make a date with the black sand beach. Next Wed. will work and I can write while I’m there.

Play music while cleaning house, my broom can be my partner.

Check out yoga classes, can do during Farmer’s Market this Sunday.


And I thought I was too busy!!

What about you?

Do you have desires lying dormant in your heart?

Are you too busy?


“Victory is seldom won by half measures.” Merriam-Webster Online dictionary

Would love to hear from you. Do you have any desires lying dormant in your heart, and if so, what action steps are you willing to take? Please reply in the comment section.

Thanks for being here. I appreciate you!



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