Last year at the beginning of the holiday craze I gave a conference call:  Soulful Holiday.

I asked the participants to check in and listen to their souls and ask themselves: “What is the most important feeling I want to experience during the holidays?”

Some found their answers surprising.

Asking ourselves what feeling (s) matter most to us is not just a question for the holidays.

It’s a life question!

What do you want to feel?

Happy, peaceful, free, connected, proud, creative, joyful, abundant, beautiful, spiritual, smart, sexy, introspective, appreciative, compassionate, courageous, loving, or maybe fun-loving…the possibilities are unlimited!

Pause…A minute to stop, breathe deeply and ask myself what feeling I most want to experience right now…my answer…Creativity.

Why? I want the high I feel when seeing my thoughts written down, when seeing my work come to life. And there’s more…I feel joy and appreciation when thinking that maybe someone who reads this will benefit.

Creativity. Joy. Appreciation.  Good reasons to post.

You may want to pause, breathe deeply and ask yourself, “What do I most want to feel?”

What feeling (s) are most important to you, and why?  I would love to hear about your most important feeling(s), please respond below.

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With creative juices flowing, joy, and appreciation,


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