“What opens your joy? Fills your happy cup? Generates your bubbly overflow?”

More to the point: the best kept secret question …“Does THIS (whatever THIS is in the moment) make me happy?”

Important question…question to live by, breathe in, move to…

Question to write about…

Myopic is the word that screams in my consciousness…yes folks, I’ve been shortsighted!

I’ve been busy trying to figure out oh-so-many-things! Maybe you have too?

But the core truth of it all…is I (we) just need to figure out one thing.

The bottom-line thing…the best kept secret question:

“Does this (your thoughts or actions in the moment) make me happy?”

I’m committed to living this question. Fully. Completely. Unabashedly.

By caring about my Happiness more than anything else…! 

By letting go of trying to figure out how everything is going to work and focusing on feeling good in the moment, so I can let inspiration guide me (much better than worrying myself into a frenzy) and so I can feel good…just to feel good.

Inspiration: feels good, may come in whispers (no need for shouting if we listen), directs us purr…fectly, and always serves our highest and best interest.

But inspiration can’t be heard if we are busy trying hard and happiness can’t be felt if we are weighed down with worry.

If you would like to join me in living the question “Does this make me happy?” Here’s a fun practice (practice is the key word here) that comes from the work of Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks):

Since our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create the quality of our lives…Notice your thoughts and if you are thinking about what you don’t want (you can always tell by the way you feel, which is Yuck) simply say, “I don’t want this.” Then begin thinking about what you do want. And if your mind goes to, “HOW is it all going to work out?” gently remind yourself that feeling good will provide the answers.

Would love to hear from you, please respond below…

Do you find that you are bogged down with the worry of “How?”  

Do you fill up your thoughts with what you don’t want?

What (if anything) do you do to keep yourself in a feeling good attitude?