Aloha, I send Happy New Year wishes to you and yours.

May it be a beautiful year.

May your heart’s desires be met and may you delight in all your blessings.

Dear folks, I wanted to let you know I may not be posting for awhile because I am leaving tonight to go be with my mother in her final days.

I will be devoting all my energy to my mother as she makes her transition into the light.

In lieu of sharing all my emotions at this time, I’ll share a poem I wrote about our passages through life. 


Newborn babes…Strange surroundings, many faces                                                          

Adjusting to life.

Strappling Youth…daredevil adventures, idealistic views

Making a stand.

Blooming Adulthood…playing house, world niching

Building a life.

All grown up…raising creations, prioritizing values

Settling in.

Beyond years…barring none, reviewing life scripts

Eyes Wide Open.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

In appreciation, Gloria

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