Have you ever heard that we move away from pain more than we move toward pleasure?

What does this mean?

Well folks, it means that we’ll avoid acute pain, you know the kind of pain that causes hurt instantly, like putting your hand in fire but we won’t necessarily move toward pleasure.

For instance, you may have a habit that is hurting you and yet you keep that habit until it causes so much pain that if you continue to ignore it, you may lose more than you can bare…possibly your life.

What does this have to do with Reinventing Ourselves (our theme)?


                     Are you ready to rise above the “ME” you think you are?

When we tenaciously hold onto whom we think we are, especially those habits that don’t cause enough pain, we don’t get to live in the PLEASURE of being who we really are or being who we can be.

Do you have a habit that you are holding onto that hasn’t blown into life-threatening pain…yet?  What will it take for you to move into pleasure?

Look at something (a pain) you want to move away from (okay so you don’t want to but you know will be of benefit, maybe even save your life), and ask yourself (may first want to breathe deeply) “What am I getting from holding onto this?”

Take inventory of your reasons, write them down.

Now ask yourself, again after deep breaths, “What will my life look like in 5 years if I choose to hold onto this pain?”

Again, write down your answers, you want to see the consequences.

Okay I know that didn’t feel good but hang in here because now you get to shift your energy.

Think of something that makes your heart smile…a kitten, grandchild, love-making, whatever…and hold onto that feeling for a moment.

Now imagine what your life will be like in 5 years if you choose to let go of your painful habit. Breathe this picture in and fully experience your pleasurable life.

Now write down how you FEEL living in your imaginative picture.

What is the first finite step you can take to let go of your pain and move into your pleasure?

Take that first step. Keep your action steps small and feel your successes along the way.

Then keep imagining, daily if necessary, your future empowered SELF.

Choose to be a person who lives life moving toward Pleasure!


Are you experiencing any pain from the loss of a loved one during this holiday season?

Would you like to have a more pleasurable holiday experience?

If so take that first step and sign up for my Holiday Support Package.

Thank you so much for your time…I appreciate YOU!

In Pleasure,


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