Hey folks – while contemplating what theme to write about next, my mind kept thinking about a book (gift) I received a few days ago, Reinventing Yourself, by Steve Chandler. Flash-an idea- why not share what I’ve been learning from this powerful book. So here we go…

 I don’t usually think of myself as a victim or at least I thought I didn’t  until I started page turning Steve’s book. Wow…I need to do a little (okay maybe a lot) of shift-a-roes with my beliefs and thoughts.  

 Steve says we are either victims or owners.                                                                                                                                                                                       He states, “A victim is someone who sees power as something beyond his or her control. Victims have a habitually lonely and pessimistic way of viewing and describing the world and its people.

 And although this victimization can often last a lifetime, it is only a habit. When it’s understood, it can be quickly replaced.

 Owners, on the other hand, take full responsibility for their lives. They even take responsibility for their energy levels, whatever they may be. They continuously tap into the power of the human spirit. They use that spirit as a fire to invent and reinvent who they are. They don’t look for outside sources to supply their motivation. They’re not waiting for deliverance. They don’t wish they were somewhere else.”  

 Well there you have it, definitions of victim and owner, now what?

We dive right in, no shallow swimming, nope; we’re diving into the deep waters. Over the next several weeks we will get to the bottom of our victim thinking and take ownership of it, and just as an owner would do, we’ll take full responsibility for our HABIT and REINVENT ourselves.     

 So let’s start with the first step, awareness, and begin taking responsibility for our habits by becoming aware of them.  To begin this reinvention opportunity, take this week to notice when you may, even in a subtle way, give your power over to others, or to circumstances.

Some hints to begin…notice how often you say “they,” complain, blame, or give up. Take pleasure, (be an owner) in finding out any victim mentality you choose. And know it’s just a habit and habits can change.

  I look forward to becoming an “OWNER” together.

 Thank you, I appreciate you.

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