Before you dive into our monthly theme I’d like to share why you haven’t received a post for several weeks.

Here’s the news; My website was hacked and my blog talk radio show was attacked.  In addition to the mechanical fix-it time, I needed time to process my thoughts and emotions.  Needless to say I was shook up and filled with questions: Why did this happen?  What do I need to learn?

After much prayer, meditation, and counsel with a dear friend, (and a few tears) my final understanding is:  There is a blessing in all things and I AM stronger than I think I AM.

Here’s a poem I wrote that pretty much tells the truth I came to – the truth for all of us.

I Have Traveled

Oh, the plains I have traveled: meandering strolls, adventurous hikes, mountainous climbs

Through life’s ever-evolving stages:

cool breezes, sultry heat, bitter winds

Always questioning… am I equipped?

My answers – flighty at best: well maybe, probably not, definitely No

If only I would have tuned my Listening

I would have heard

“You are always fully Equipped!”

Our Theme: Your Beliefs, are they yours?

As I was driving to town last week I saw a message from a church that regularly puts up messages for those driving by. It read: Growth is like monkey bars.

I thought… I wonder what that means? I repeated…Growth is like monkey bars. Then I thought, said aloud actually, “I get it, you have to hang on.”

Well on the way going home, (the church has a message on both sides) it read:

You can’t grab forward till you let go of behind. 

 What a great message, so true and our focus for this month’s post  With that being said…let’s take a look at letting go of old beliefs (what’s behind us) so we can grab forward (create new beliefs).  

 There are so many ways we can work toward changing any unwanted beliefs (or fears) we may have. Yes I know it would be easier if our fears or old beliefs just magically changed but we have to be willing to work at changing them. You may want to think of it as transforming them.

 The thought of a caterpillar comes to mind. As we all know this amazing creature transforms into a butterfly. The caterpillar must be willing to go through all the stages of transformation in order to become what it is meant to become. The caterpillar doesn’t say,” Wait, I’m not ready to hatch out of my chrysalis.” The caterpillar does what it needs to do to become what it needs to become, a beautiful butterfly.

 As master of our thoughts…there is no limit to what we can grow into.

 Last posting we took a look at what beliefs we hold about ourselves and about life. Now it’s time to see where those beliefs originated.

 Go back to what you wrote last week or redo this week. Just fill in the stems with your first thoughts:  I AM…and Life is… (About 8 times each, see previous post)

Go over each one and ask, “Whose voice is this?”

Is it yours? Or is it your mothers, fathers, grandparents, or another adult who represented authority to you?

Write out from whom each belief originated.

If it is a belief you would rather not live by, write what you would rather live by, it is usually the opposite.

For example: If you wrote, I AM disorganized, you would rewrite your belief to, I AM organized. 

Go through each belief with this process and rewrite any belief you don’t want to carry around with you any longer.

Notice how you feel (any uncomfortable sensations) or what you think (negative thoughts about the positive statement) when rewriting your beliefs.

 Next week we will process (in a graceful manner of course) through our feelings and thoughts, so we can live by our new beliefs.

 Let’s remember we are the MASTER of our thoughts and we are limitless! 

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You deserve to live a life of growth.

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