Hey folks I believe you are probably like me and through your years of growing and learning you have often used affirmations. And probably like me sometimes you would experience your desire coming forth, but often you may have experienced not having what you want, which I believe for most of us, would frequently lead to utter frustration.

 I don’t know about you but I didn’t realize that just saying what I want, even when using the right words, was not the way to magnetize my desires. Yes I do believe in affirmations (affirmative statements) but I now understand there is more to being an attractor magnet, I now get that what’s “below” those words (our fears, doubts, beliefs)will make or break the deal.    

 So what do we do about what’s “below” our positive statements?

Well, first of all we uncover what fears, doubts, and beliefs stand behind our oh-so-perfect words.  

Here’s a powerful way to clear-out what’s standing between an affirmation that brings results and an affirmation that causes frustration.  

 To begin: create an affirmation for something you are wanting, (You may want to use an affirmation from last week when you switched from an unwanted belief to a wanted belief). To write what is considered an effective affirmation you’ll want to make sure it has within it the 4 “P’s”

  1. 1.    P -Present   ( I AM )
  2. 2.    P- Positive (I AM joyously)
  3. 3.    P- Powerful (I AM joyously and deliberately)   
  4. 4.    P –Possible (I AM joyously and deliberately doubling my income)

 Notice I’m  in the present tense, I state what I want (Not what I don’t want), I use words that I resonate to, therefore hold power, and I create a goal (doubling my income) which feels possible, in other words, I take a “step” in my  consciousness but not a “leap.”

 Once you’ve created your 4-P affirmation you are ready to discover what’s lurking in the shadows.

On a blank sheet of paper – Make a vertical line down the middle; on the left hand side at the top write: My affirmation, on the right hand side at the top write: My thoughts. 

Okay now it’s time to disclose what is really going on.

 Start by writing your affirmation on the left hand side and immediately write the first thoughts that come to mind on the right hand side. Continue this process down the length of the paper, (you may continue on the opposite side if you like) going back and forth from affirmation to thoughts.       

The idea is to uncover thus clear whatever is behind (doubts, etc.) the affirmation. In order to successfully do that you will need to write the first thoughts without trying to make them right or nice.

You can tell if the thoughts are your first by how quickly you answer and by noticing how you word them. First thoughts are usually written in fragments, not in a full sentence, such as: yeah right, okay, that will be the day, etc. 

 The first time I disclosed my thoughts behind my affirmation I was shocked. I had no idea of the amount of mis-believes (fear) I had around the idea of having what I want. Although I was startled (I’m putting it mildly) by my realization I was also hopeful. Now that I understood what was going on I could do something about it. I found that in repeating this process I unraveled deeper and deeper mis-believes (issues) and that in writing them out I was clearing them and transforming them. I was getting to the truth, which much to my delight, I discovered brought me to a positive, hopeful state and  gave me an opening for the affirmation to work!     

 That’s my wish for you…that you too move from your fears (issues) to a positive and hopeful state and create an opening for the affirmation to work.

  Stay tuned…next week we will dive deeper into our affirmation, pretty it up, so it can truly manifest into our reality with grace and ease.

 Thank you, I appreciate you!