Why does Partnership begin within…because EVERYTHING does!

Anything you want in your life you have to DO (attract, create, allow, etc.) with your own life Energy or you do not have what you want.

If you want a partner you will want to make sure you are “up to speed” with having a partner, that you are in the position or state of attracting, creating, or allowing your dream person to show up in your life.

By focusing within we are directing our life energy to expand and within the expansion growth occurs, and yes a partnership is (or can be) part of our growth.

So how do we build on our “within” relationship?

I’m a big believer in asking ourselves the right question, a question that leads to answer(s) that stimulate us, inspire us, and move us into growth.

To begin this glorious process of building relationship within let’s start with a thought-provoking, growth-enhancing question:

What is an area in my life I would like to grow in, e.g. spiritual, mental, physical, and/or emotional?

Some examples of growth in each area may be:

Physical – take better care of my body by eating more vegetables, taking walks, stretching daily, flossing regularly, etc.

Mental – enhance my mental state by learning something new, reading, studying more, listening to my thought processes, etc.

Emotional – honor my emotional state by paying attention to and identifying my emotional cues, allowing for healing, journaling, expressing my feelings, etc.

Spiritual – respect my spiritual nature by meditating/visualizing regularly, praying daily, living in gratitude, spending time in nature, building on my character, etc.

Once you choose an area sit quietly and breathe deeply until you feel relaxed in mind and body, you may then ask:

“What is the first step I can take to honor myself in that area?”   

Listen closely and notice any thoughts and/or feelings that arise within. Pay attention, especially to any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings.   

If you feel any anxiousness or any fear about honoring yourself in the way you hear/know will best serve you…you may want to first visualize what you want to change before attempting to bring that change into your life. 

For example: let’s say you choose the emotional area and sitting in the quiet with your question you hear, “It is time to express my hurt feelings.”

By choosing to visualize first you can practice in the safety of your mind.

When visualizing you’ll want to be completely relaxed, you may begin with deep breaths, and see yourself in action (expressing self with confidence). Practice as many times as you feel necessary until you feel ready.   


If you find your fear is so big that even to visualize the honoring act creates distress begin by breathing Love, which you can do my giving love a color and focusing on the color going into your heart region.

Continue to breathe deeply and sit in the Love until you feel your fear dissipating. Practice sitting in the Love however many times you need before again visualizing your honoring act.


If you feel no fear in the questioning process…take action immediately.



We know that life is lived from the inside- out.

We know we cannot give away what we don’t have.

We know that life is our mirror.


Begin within – and honor the most important relationship we will ever have – the relationship with ourselves.


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You deserve to live a life of growth.

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