Okay, so we have been building on the relationship within – now what?  Well it’s time to dig deeper.

It’ time to look at what is standing between us and having our partnership.

How do we do that?

We begin with taking a peek at our beliefs, why (?), because…

Our beliefs are – affirmations that we give out to life.

Think of it this way, our beliefs are the scissors of our mind that cut our pictures into the universe.

Our beliefs have creative powers and every moment we are creating something.

The question is…what are we creating?

Now I would like to help you “SEE” what you believe.

So if you will play along with me, you will see the pictures your mind is   cutting into the Universe.

To play along you will want to complete the statements below.

To accurately identify your beliefs you will want to say the first thought that comes into your mind.

Men are…

Women are…

I Am…

Relationships are…

Therefore in relationship I will…

Let’s remember that the first step to change is awareness.

And now that you have awareness you can change any belief that does not support what you want. So if your beliefs leave you thinking, “I will never get a partner thinking like that!”  Don’t despair.

Next week I will provide insight into what we can do to shape our beliefs so we can have that special relationship.