So are you surprised, delighted, or aghast at your first thoughts to the “stems” from last week’s post?

(If you didn’t read the previous post you may want to do so).


If you found your answers are in alignment with your desire to have a partner, great, just continue to focus on honoring your relationship with yourself (Post-Partnership- It all begins within) and imagine being with your partner.

If you found your answers to be troublesome, don’t worry, there is no need to give up hope.


Hey folks we all start with where we’re at (our state of consciousness)…so regardless of your answers there are ways to change your beliefs, no can’t do it with a magic wand, sorry, but it can be done.


Okay if you wrote something along these lines…


Men are…not to be trusted or Women are…not to be trusted…


It’s not dooms day, chin up, you may have a conflict between your belief and desire but beliefs can change…like I said, no need to give up hope.


You’re probably wondering if not with a magic wand, than how…?


Well, since most of our core beliefs originate from our childhood experiences when we go to the core we heal at the level where our beliefs began.

So back to childhood we go. Breathe easy; I’m not going to ask you to conjure up any unpleasant memories. Nope we’ll go about this in a much more graceful way.

I’m all about gracefully growing.  

I believe one of the most graceful ways to heal is to visualize in a relaxed state.


So to gracefully switch those unwanted beliefs or alleviate those haunting fears, you’ll want to relax completely by breathing deeply ( see previous post regarding change for relaxation ideas) to prepare to connect with that younger version of you. 

After you are totally relaxed in mind and body, ask the “YOU” that learned these beliefs or fears as truth- to please come forth.


Once you see or sense the younger you present, it is time to connect with her/him. Begin by showering the young- you with love and gratitude. You may do this by imagining love flowing from your heart to her/his heart.

Allow the love to build between the two of you. Make certain there is a love connection before moving forward. Give time for the love to fill both of you full.


Okay, now that you are connected to YOU, tell the you of the past that the you of today is ready to share life in partnership (use your own words).   

Notice any feelings or thoughts that arise. If any uncomfortable feelings are felt go back to sharing love. Before continuing, ask the younger you if he/she needs anything before letting go of the mis-beliefs…listen and abide.


Now it’s time to let those unwanted beliefs go. See or sense the you of the past connected with the you of the present (hold hands, hug, sit together, etc.) and call forth a Higher Being (angel, Ascended Master, God, etc.) to assist you with the letting- go process.  


Once the Enlightened One is felt or seen, envision this Glorious One putting your beliefs in a bubble. You may see the words or just acknowledge that the beliefs are in the bubble.

Now watch the bubble begin to float away. Continue to watch until you witness the beliefs and bubble transform into a glittering star-like shower.     


Celebrate the transformation…dance, sing, hug, (whatever you like) and make sure to thank the younger you for coming forth and the Heavenly One for the assistance.  


Now you may want to go back to our previous week’s stems and notice the difference in your answers. You may repeat this visualization with any unwanted beliefs. Stay tuned…next month’s theme I will be sharing more ideas of how to let go of untrue beliefs.      

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