To continue with our theme of change I ask myself: what is important to our overall well-being when faced with the prospect of making something in our lives different?  


I know we long for the familiar, why not, it feels good, and it feels safe. Before we get ready to jump back into our warm cozy cocoons, maybe we need to think about what we really want.


Maybe we need to ask ourselves…How we feel about different, is different inherently bad or is different just unfamiliar? 


I’m remembering how much I wanted to live in Hawaii yet how uncomfortable I was with the idea of moving so far away (across the ocean to a rural island) from life as I knew it. I longed for what lay ahead and at the same time I clung to the safety of familiar.


As I prepare to move back to the mainland I find myself in the same position, clinging to my now familiar Hawaii home while at the same time longing for what lays ahead.


I’m laughing at the irony how the NEW becomes FAMILIAR and then it’s time for another change…such is life.


So, back to my question, what is important to our overall well-being when faced with different, (Change)?


I think what is most important is to quell our fears (see previous posts on change for specific ways to assist with fears), to get our thoughts in order and to take action that supports the change we want to make. 


In the middle of writing this I stopped and called an agency to help with the sale of our home (we’ve been trying to sell it ourselves).         


It’s time to get serious about what I really want, which is to move back to the mainland. It’s time to stop focusing on what I’m leaving behind (losses) and start focusing on what arriving to (gains).

It’s time to focus on my heart-felt desire and to take the necessary action to support it.


If you know there is an action that you want to take to support your desire, yet you shiver at the prospect of making that first all-important step…here is a safe method that may smooth the way for you and steady your nerves:    


Since our mind does not know the difference between that which is real and that which is imagined, we can use the safety of our imagination to prepare our mind.


Think about a change you would like to make.


Take the time to relax your mind and body with deep breaths. You may want to focus on slowly relaxing your entire body. A nice method is to envision a soothing blanket slowly covering your body and as it covers your body (you may want to start with your feet) your body relaxes into deep comfort. When you get to your face envision the shadow of the blanket relaxing every muscle.  


Once you feel completely relaxed see yourself making the change and see the successful outcome.  Experience this picture as much as possible; use all your senses, e.g. sight, touch, sound, and smell and taste if it is applicable.


Bask in your safe imaginary picture. Repeat often, the act of repetition will convince your mind the change has been made and you have attained success.         


Now the action step doesn’t feel as if you are about to jump off a cliff or, to go back to our previous metaphor, leave the safety of your cocoon.


So let’s take those necessary action steps, of course first in the safety of our imagination, and have what we truly want.


I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes; sorry I don’t know who said it:


“Courage follows action.”

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