As I sit and think about what “theme” I want to share next here on my blog, I think of my callers on blog talk radio.

What is the question that so many people want answered?

Well, one that comes up – I believe in just about every episode – is the question of relationship, mostly love/romantic relationship.

I am inundated with questions about relationship: do you see a partner coming into my future, what can I do to have a relationship, will I ever be in a love relationship again, why can’t I just have a loving relationship…and on and on their hearts cry out for answers.


So this month’s theme is about how we attract, allow, create, and bring forth a relationship.

So what is it about having a relationship that gets us in a “fizzy”?

 Well, I figure it’s because we all (or most of us) want one.

 We want that ONE relationship that is unlike any other. We want a PARTNER to share our life with. To love us in all our moments, even during, as they say, the good, the bad, and the ugly.   

 Well, I believe we can ALL have a loving partnership and I believe that there is much to learn in sharing our lives with that special One.

  Here’s a thought, what if our questioning is keeping us from having the love of our life?                                                                                                                                    

 Instead of: When is my partner coming, or why can’t I have a loving partnership?

We shift our focus onto our overall well being and ask:                                                                                              

What can I develop within to be more in partnership with myself, or how can I learn about partnering, (lovingly communicating, forgiving, giving and receiving)?

 When we focus on our own growth we become more of who we really can be, we raise our vibration.                                                                                                                    

We’ve all heard about the law of attraction, like attracts like.

So when we raise our vibration, which we do by continual growth, (betterment) we can then ATTRACT someone that is in alignment with who we are, a true partner.

Yes, I know you want to know how to get your partner,  hang in here with me, I will continue each week to discuss the “HOW” of getting that much wanted partnership, which we all so richly deserve.










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